Top 10 Best AI Tools To Make Money In 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are now very important in our changing tech world. They make business work go smoother, boost creativity, and make things more efficient. AI tools are changing lots of areas, like health and advertising. AI is powerful because it can do boring work, find smart insights, and give people tailored experiences. Using AI tools to make money is a big chance.

Think about using AI to look at a lot of data quicker than people, seeing what will be popular, or making cool stuff easily. This kind of new thing can make small companies big. AI tools give you many ways to earn money, like starting new services, making better ones, or coming up with new company ideas. These tools give you an advantage if you make content, do marketing, or if you start businesses.

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is very good at understanding language, and it is great for making customer help automatic, creating stuff, and talking to users as if it is real. It has skills in making sense of context and answering well, and it can fit in a lot of different work areas. The thing can do jobs like writing articles and helping customers, which cuts costs and saves time.

Companies can use ChatGPT to give better customer service with smart chatbots. These give quick and right answers. People who create content can use it to make good articles, posts for social media, and content that is friendly to search engines. Marketing people can create emails that feel personal, and this gets more people involved and selling more. There are many ways to use it.

Using this amazing tool can really help you get more feedback on what you put in. It does repeating work and creates good content, saving you time and other resources. This means you can make more money. It helps businesses talk to more customers without spending more money. This tool is very important for businesses looking to improve.

2. Easy AI Checker

Easy AI Checker
Image Source: Easy AI Checker

Easy AI Checker helps improve your writing. It checks for AI writing, grammar, and copying and makes writing sound more natural. Writers, students, and companies use it to keep writing perfect. It saves time and helps prevent mistakes.

Deploying this tool into your business, your work will get better, and you will do things faster. It can help you get more people to read your work and make more money. The tool pays for itself by avoiding errors and being more efficient.

If you put money in Easy AI Checker, you can see your work get better and your writing improve. It checks your work and makes the writing sound more human. This means more people will read your work and you can make more money. The return on your money is almost sure because the tool stops expensive errors and makes everything work faster.

3. Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a tool that writes great articles and social media posts quickly. It understands language well and knows a lot. It is a great helper for writing.

People who make content and businesses use Jasper AI to write fast. It makes sure everything sounds like your brand. Jasper AI helps you come up with new ideas when you are stuck.

Using Jasper AI saves businesses money and time on writing. The content it makes can get more people interested and sell more, which means it is a good investment.

3. MidJourney

Midjourney is an advanced AI tool that makes quality visuals easy. It is good at making images and graphics with AI to look nice and fit the brand. It has special templates and editing tools and works well with marketing tools.

People use Midjourney in many businesses, like online shops, marketing agencies, and content companies. It is for businesses that want better pictures with less work.

The investment can make designing easy and improve picture quality. It helps make good returns by lowering costs, making things faster, and creating better images. This means businesses can sell more and be seen more in tough markets.

4. Pictory

Pictory changes how companies make pictures and videos. It is an AI tool that makes videos from text. It is great for people who are marketing, teaching, and making content. Pictory can turn text into videos, make visuals better, and use a big media library to make making videos easy.

Companies can make videos quickly for social media, ads, and teaching. You can turn a blog into a video fast or make ads without a big team. Pictory is useful for marketing online, learning online, and training in companies.

This can make businesses more money. By spending less time and money on videos, companies can use the savings for other things. Videos get more attention than text, which can make the brand more popular and sell more.

5. Canva AI

Canva AI makes designs better by using artificial intelligence with its easy platform. This tool makes it easy for anyone to create great visuals without having to be a professional. Canva AI has features like automatic design tips, smart photo changes, and lots of templates and items.

It gives small companies, new businesses, and regular people the tools to make professional graphics. You make visuals that get attention and help your brand and interactions get better.

This can give you a great return on the money you invest. Making good content easily and without spending much means companies can be seen online more and get more customers. Good visuals can make people interact more, which means more loyal customers and more sales.

6. Rytr

Rytr is an AI tool that helps you write content fast and without much work. It is good at making text that makes sense and is interesting for many types of writing. Rytr can change how it writes based on the context, set the tone, and work in many languages.

It helps bloggers, marketers, and businesses of all sizes make content. It makes high-quality articles, convincing sales messages, or engaging social media posts with little from you. This lets you keep giving out content, which is important for doing well in digital marketing.

Investing in this tool is good because it saves time, and the content is good. It writes for you so companies can do things that help them grow. Good content also helps with SEO, which can make you appear higher in search results and get you more natural web visitors.

7. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a complex AI tool to make content better for search engines. It has tools for looking up words, editing content, analyzing search results, and checking backlinks. Surfer SEO helps you create better content that will rank higher in search results. It is very important for digital marketers and content creators.

The tool has many uses. Digital marketers make content plans with the help of data. Content creators improve their articles to get seen more. Online shops use SEO to get more visitors. Surfer SEO makes sure websites are not just seen in searches but also lead them.

The money you get back from using Surfer SEO is big. Top rankings get more visitors, which means more sales and leads. This happens without spending a lot on ads. Surfer SEO is good for getting more out of your marketing money and growing your business.

9. Synthesia

Synthesia makes videos with AI that look professional without needing a lot of stuff. It has avatars you can change in many languages and is easy to use. You just type, and the AI makes this into a video.

There are large companies that use this tool for productivity. Teachers make learning videos with it. Marketers make ads and explainer videos. HR departments make training videos with it. This makes making videos easy so you can be more creative.

Using Synthesia can save you a lot of money. Videos usually take a lot of time and money to make. Synthesia is cheaper and faster. Companies can make good videos without spending too much. It is very important if you want to keep your marketing and training money low.

10. Descript

Descript edits audio and video with text. It is a different way to edit, using what people say in words. Its main feature is that it can transcribe audio and video to editable text automatically. Users can edit their content by just changing the text. This method makes editing easy, even for people without skills in technology.

Individuals use Descript in many industries, such as media, podcasting, content making, and teaching online. It is very helpful for podcasters and video makers who want to edit fast. Descript makes editing quicker by using text and saves time.

The return on investment with this tool depends on how it is used. Descript’s fast editing can save a lot of time and make better content. This leads to quicker making of content and maybe more people watching. This helps to do work faster and makes content better.


AI technology is growing fast, so it is very important to keep up to date. AI changes industries, makes work more efficient, and creates chances to earn money. Being up-to-date is important to stay ahead of the competition.

Learning all the time is important to succeed. AI changes quickly. Today’s best thing may not work tomorrow. By learning all the time, you can handle changes and use AI very well. Whether online courses, webinars, or conferences, make sure to improve your knowledge often.

The application of AI tools is wide and using new tools can help you earn more money in 2024. New ideas make things better, and using the latest AI can help you earn more and make your business work better. For example, AI can make your marketing better with predictive analytics, and making content with AI can interest your audience more. Money-making with AI tools is very important to miss. Companies that put money into these tools can make boring jobs automatic, get smart understandings, and give special service to their buyers. If you use AI to help customers, you can answer faster and make customers happier, and then you make more money.