Top 10 Useful Websites For Students in 2024

In 2024, students need the best online resources for success. You must pick the best websites. We show the important factors and explain how Easy AI Checker is great.

Websites must be easy for all to use. They should work on computers, tablets, and phones. Students can then learn anywhere and anytime. Websites need to load fast and be simple to use. It must have a simple design and clear instructions. A site that is too busy can make learning hard.

The best websites have lots of materials. They need to have videos, articles, and quizzes. Having different ways of learning helps students understand better.

Learning online should not cost too much. Great websites are free or not too expensive. All students can have good learning tools this way.

1. Khan Academy

Salman Khan started Khan Academy in 2008 with math videos on YouTube. Now, it is a big website with lots of users. It has materials in many subjects.

Khan Academy has many videos on topics like math and economics. There are quizzes and exercises too. It also has a dashboard that shows your progress.

It works with famous places like NASA. They make sure their lessons are good and useful.

The team is very good for students everywhere. It has a lot of materials that make hard topics easier. The dashboard helps focus on what you need to learn. Khan Academy’s exercises get students involved by giving quick feedback. This helps fix errors quickly, makes learning stronger and gives students confidence.

2. Easy AI Checker

Easy AI Checker is key for students who want to write unique and well-done work. It finds content made by AI and keeps essays and reports real. This helps students stay honest in school. It is very helpful where being different is important. It stops copying by mistake and encourages true writing.

It also makes AI text feel more human. This change makes writing better for students who use AI. It helps make sure the writing is easy to understand and meets school rules.

The Easy AI Checker gives detailed reports, too. Students get reports that show what to do better and how they write. They can save these reports. This helps students get better at writing over time. The tool helps students grow and do well in school.

3. Coursera

Coursera was started in 2012 by two Stanford teachers, Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. It changed how we learn online with courses from big universities and companies. Now, it is a place to learn many topics.

It has many courses and degrees. Students can learn when they can with this flexible platform. They can do hands-on tasks, grade each other’s work, and watch video classes. This makes learning full and fun.

The website is a big resource for students. It lets students learn from experts and get good credentials to help their careers. Students can explore or improve their knowledge with Coursera’s education.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly started in 2009 and is the best for improving writing. It began as a tool for checking grammar and now helps millions around the world to write better.

It does not only check grammar but gives advanced advice for your writing style, tone, and clarity. The changes are based on your writing purpose like school papers, work emails, or blogs. This tool works with internet browsers, writing programs, and emails for better writing help.

Grammarly changes how all students write. It makes their writing better by giving detailed comments and reasons for their advice. The tool also checks work to make sure it is not copying and is original. It makes student’s work better and helps them get high marks and improve at writing.

5. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha was started in 2009 by Wolfram Research and changed how students solve problems. It is a smart engine that finds answers using real data. The tool helps students in math, science, and engineering.

It can solve hard equations step by step. Students can ask questions like to a teacher. Their user interface is easy to use.

The website helps students do homework. It makes hard topics clearer and adds to classroom learning. Students have good tools. They can understand better and get good grades.

6. Quizlet

Andrew Sutherland make Quizlet in 2005. He was a high school student. The website helps students study well. It has flashcards and games. Students remember things easily. They have fun too.

It lets you make flashcards. You find many study sets on it. You can track how you learn. You can also learn at your pace. It helps you study better.

The tool makes studying fun. It uses pictures and games. Students like this way of learning. They do not just read. They learn by playing. Quizlet helps a lot.

7. Evernote

Evernote started in 2008. Students use it to be organized. They take notes and manage projects. They save information. Students use Evernote everywhere.

It stores different things. You can save voice and text notes. You can clip from the web. You can use it with pens on some devices. It lets you tag notes. You can find your notes fast. Evernote works on many devices. It even has a search to find notes quickly. It is good for studying and research. 8. Evernote

The website helps students store lecture notes in one place. They can make study guides and keep research materials, too. It lets students use many formats to save their information. It keeps all the study stuff tidy and easy to find. Students can use Evernote on different devices to study when they want. They do not need paper notebooks. Evernote lets students work together on group projects easily. It helps them share work and be a team. Evernote helps students work better by organizing their school information. It helps them learn better.

8. Duolongo

Duolingo was started in 2011 to help people learn new languages. Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker made it. It is for everyone to use. Duolingo has over 30 language courses. It has common languages and rare languages, too.

It is fun, like a game. To keep you playing, it has levels and prizes. You do little lessons that are quick. It helps you learn when you are busy. It tells you right away when you make mistakes. Duolingo has a special part for schools. Teachers can see how students are doing.

The tool is good for students. It is fun, so they want to learn and teach words and grammar well. It has lots of different languages. You will find it mostly free for everyone. Learning languages is good for your brain. It helps you find jobs in other countries.

9. Google Scholar

Google made Google Scholar in 2004. It puts school papers online for everyone to read. It has articles, thesis papers, books, and more. The website has stuff from many subjects.

The tool is very complete for students. This academic tool is very valuable because it has an easy-to-use interface, advanced search, and tracks citations. Users can sort their search by date, writer, or where it was published. The “My Library” function makes it simple to collect and keep your resources tidy.

It helps students a lot. They give fast access to a large collection of school texts, which is great for research and homework. The platform gives trustworthy materials and links to the complete articles if they are there. Google Scholar is essential for writing essays, getting ready for talks, or just learning more about a subject.

10. TED-Ed

TED-Ed started in 2011 and is related to the famous TED Talks but focuses on teaching. The website tries to make people curious and to help them learn by explaining difficult things in interesting ways.

It has cartoons about many things like science, history, arts, and societal issues. Videos come with extra stuff like quizzes, talking points, and reading to do later. The platform makes learning active, not just watching.

The website gives students lots of good things with its chosen teaching content and fun video lessons. It lets them see well-made lessons on many topics in an easy and nice-looking way. These things help students understand hard ideas, think critically, and be creative. TED-Ed’s quizzes and discussions make learning active and help students understand more. Students can also see different ways of thinking and world issues in TED-Ed’s big-thinking videos, which are very valuable for schoolwork and growing as a person.


Nowadays, students can use tools and resources from the internet that make learning much better. We list the top 10 websites for students to use in 2024 to make finding good study resources easier. Why is our list so good? Let us look closer.

We pick websites for students using important factors like easy access, being easy to use, covering many subjects, being educational, and not costing much. We make sure each website we suggest is great and has strong study tools to help many different school needs.

These websites do not just give facts; they help you learn better. With special tools like custom pages on Khan Academy, Grammarly’s grammar checks, and solving questions on Wolfram Alpha, students can study in their own way. This custom study helps with their strong and weak points, making the study time count more.

Our list highlights that any student should get an education easily and not have to pay much. Good learning shouldn’t be only for some; it’s a right. Our suggested websites are mostly free or cheap so all learners can study. This way, students from all places can get better chances to learn.