Best 3 Practical Ways to Not Get Caught Using ChatGPT

Using ChatGPT has become a daily routine for freelancers, writers, and content producers. It has countless benefits like cost reduction, saving time, and energy. However, with its advantages, it is important to comply with the guidelines of publishers and search engines.

If you do not fulfill their criteria, your content may get penalized. In order to avoid such drastic consequences, we have come up with a comprehensive step-by-step strategy to bypass all the popular AI detectors out there.

1. Using Easy AI Checker

Making things with ChatGPT is very helpful. You can make good writing for different needs fast. You might need it for blog posts, social media, or emails. ChatGPT can do it. But if you only use AI-made writing, it may not work well. Sometimes, people can tell if a text is written by AI. Easy AI Checker helps you make your content look like a person wrote it.

First, make your things using ChatGPT. Put your subject in and let AI do the writing part. It makes good and on-topic text quickly. This saves you time. But AI writing can have problems. Sometimes, it does not feel like a person wrote it. So people may know it is from a machine.

After you make your content, check it with the Easy AI Checker. This checks your text. It finds parts that seem like AI wrote them. It shows you phrases and sentences that do not sound like people. Easy AI Checker helps you know how to make your content better.

AI writing can be very good. But often, it needs a person’s changes. When the Easy AI Checker shows you what is wrong, you should make your text more like a person wrote it. Change words, add style, and make sure it is right for who is going to read it. This changes machine text into something more interesting for people.

People made smart ways to tell if AI made the content. The Easy AI Checker helps you not get caught up in these things. If you take its advice and make your text more human, you keep AI quickness and give readers what they expect. People will not know that an AI helped write your content.

2. Use an AI Paraphraser

If you want new content, use an AI tool to change words. This AI changes what you wrote but keeps the same meaning. Doing this stops AI scanners from seeing your copy. It also makes the text better. It can make your writing feel new. You can write many ads and not repeat yourself. Changing your words keeps your message but looks different.

When you change words, it is like giving your writing a new life. If you do it well, your text seems to be written by many people. This makes your writing interesting for a long time. Also, if you often update and change your writing, more people can find it on the internet.

AI tools help a lot, but it is good when people check the work, too. Mixing AI and people’s ideas gets the best writing. AI cannot be like people in terms of feeling or being real. Use AI as help, not to do all the writing. Always check AI work so it matches what you want to say.

3. Changes to do manually by hand

Hand-editing what ChatGPT writes makes it much better. AI often does not include special touches that only people can add. Review and edit your writing to make it sound like you. This makes your writing more interesting and relatable for people who read it.

a. Identify the robotic content

Find parts that sound like they come from a robot. Read it all to see the whole structure and the main things it talks about. Look for parts that seem too stiff or unhuman based on Natural Processing Language models. Pay attention to the way it sounds. Make sure it sounds like you or matches your company’s style. Change parts that are too formal or informal. You want it to feel like a person is talking, not a machine.

b. Coherence and flow

Make sure things make sense together, and the writing flows well. Sometimes, the computer puts words together in a way that does not sound right. Move sentences or parts around to make it easier to read and keep the ideas in order. Add words that connect the ideas. This helps the reader understand better and stay interested.

c. Verifying the facts

It is important to check if the facts are right. Sometimes, computers give information that is not right anymore or wrong. Make sure all the facts and numbers are correct. This helps people trust what you say.

d. Personalizing the content

Use stories or examples from your own life to make the writing more interesting. This is what makes really good writing different from just okay writing. It gives the ideas a setting and helps readers remember them. While you are making changes, look for parts that say the same thing over and the same way. Change the way sentences are made and use different words to keep the people reading interested and to make the writing better. Increase the value of your content.

e. Add more value to the content

Editing by hand does more than fix mistakes. It adds value. Each edit is a chance to make your message clearer. It helps you connect with your readers better. The human touch makes the content interesting. It can have a big effect.


To use ChatGPT well and not get caught, you must take careful steps. You want people to think a person wrote your content. Start by using a tool like Easy AI Checker. It can make AI writing seem more like it came from a human. This helps you avoid getting caught by AI detectors. Next, change the words with AI paraphrasing. It makes your writing more unique. Then, review your work by hand. This removes any signs of AI writing. It makes the content seem more personal.

When you mix these methods, you can use ChatGPT’s power well. When we put Artificial Intelligence to the right use, it holds numerous benefits. You keep the writing looking real and good. This mix helps you write good and interesting content fast. In the end, using AI and keeping it real is great for talking to people online. It makes sure you make good, believable content.