How to Make Money with AI Tools in 2024 – Top 10 Ways

In 2024, AI tools will change how freelance writers work. You can make money by writing with AI as a freelance AI writer.

Since the ChatGPT was introduced, AI has revolutionized the landscape of the job industry. Now we necessarily use it in our daily lives and take advantages from it. Whether it is article writing, writing email, checking grammar, or generating descriptions, AI is involved deeply in our lives.

1. AI content writer

You can write with AI tools like ChatGPT-4 or Claude. These help you to write good text quickly. Tim Boucher wrote 97 eBooks with AI. He sold them from August 2023 to May 2024. He made about $2,000. This shows that you can earn well with some effort.

You can find work for AI writers on websites like Upwork. If you use these sites, you can earn more money. You might write blog posts, articles, reviews, or SEO content for clients. You should make your writing fit what clients want and give them great value.

Tools like Easy AI Checker Blog Post Formatter can make your writing better. This tool mixes AI with SEO knowledge. It makes your content good for Google. Good SEO means your writing gets seen by more people. This makes it more likely you will make money.

SEO is important for content today. If your content has good SEO, more people find it on search engines. AI tools help you do SEO more easily. Then you can spend more time on making your content interesting and useful.

2. AI content editor

AI content editing is a hidden treasure for freelancers. AI can make content but often misses the details and culture that humans add. AI content editors fill this gap. They make AI-written content better, natural, and relatable.

AI-made content can have bad sentences and miss cultural things. Human editors fix these problems. They make the text flow well and connect with readers. As an AI content editor, you will improve the content to be relevant and interesting.

Easy AI Checker is good for this work. It makes AI-written content sound more like a person. It also removes copying and fixes wrong data. Editors using it make sure content is clear and real.

3. Social media management and marketing

Social media is important for business. It lets businesses talk straight to customers and show their brand. AI tools like Hootsuite and Lately changed how we manage social media. They help plan and make content better. AI makes running ads easier and lets brands see ad results quickly. AI tools look at how people feel about posts. This lets businesses change their plans quickly.

AI also helps create posts that connect with people. It finds the best times for posts and suggests how to make them better. Using these AI tools makes your social media work better.

4. Affiliate marketing with AI

Affiliate marketing has changed a lot with AI. Imagine you promote a coffee brand. Your plan is not just about good phrases and pictures anymore. AI tools analyze buying patterns and preferences for you to use. With AI, you can find the best times to promote products and make your messages appeal to your audience well.

AI does not only make better text but also helps you know your audience more. Machine learning looks at past talks to guess what will work in future sales. When you use data to guide your sales, you make your affiliate marketing better and make more sales and money.

5. Email marketing and AI

Even with new online ways to talk to customers, email marketing is still strong. AI changes email marketing by making campaigns that work very well. It does routine jobs like putting audiences into groups and making schedules, so you have more time to think of new ideas.

AI is good at A/B tests, too, so marketers can try different topics and content to see what people like. This makes messages more interesting. AI also changes content for each person, which makes more people open emails and buy things. Using AI in email marketing makes you work better and has a bigger effect on your customers.

6. Virtual assistant services

Nowadays, more businesses and people want virtual assistants (VAs). VAs make daily work go smoothly. Being a good VA means being organized, accurate, and fast. AI has changed this field by helping with planning, reminders, accounting, and emails. Think of a world where AI plans your meetings, keeps your money in check, and does your emails quickly. These tools make you do more and let VAs do harder jobs, which becomes very important.

7. Freelance coding

Coding is an important skill today. With new technology, coders are still highly needed. AI changes how we code to be better and faster. OpenAI Codex is a new tool that helps suggest code, understands hard codes, and does regular tasks for you. It gives you more time and lets you be more creative because you don’t have to do the same coding over and over. Think about it: with AI, you can work on new ideas, make better things, and earn a lot more money.

8. AI chatbot consulting

AI chatbot advising is a new big chance to make money. Companies want to use chatbots to help customers any time of the day, but they find it hard to make good ones. This is where people who know how to help can make a difference. Making chatbots that fit what a business needs makes customers happier. Knowing how to fix problems when you put chatbots into use is important. Imagine you are the expert that companies trust to make their customer talk better. This job not only gives you good pay but also makes you important for the future of talking to customers.

9. Language Translation

The world is getting more connected because of globalization. Companies that grow into other countries need to talk better. They want to talk to new customers without language problems, showing how important translation is. This gives a great chance for people who are good at languages and translating.

AI translating tools like Google Translate are quick and can do a lot of text fast. They are good for a first try at translating. But they often get confused with meanings, sayings, and subtle things. Human translators are good with these because they know about culture and meanings in a way machines do not. When you use both AI speed and a human translator’s knowledge, you get translations that are both good and right.

Translators do many kinds of jobs. They translate websites, movie and video subtitles, legal and medical papers, and other important texts. Different tasks need accuracy and knowing special words. AI starts the work, but people make sure it is right and fits the culture.

AI tools begin by making translations fast, which saves time for human translators. Then, translators improve these texts by fixing mistakes and adding details that only a human can do. Working together like this makes things more efficient and provides better, higher-quality translations. Humans and computers working together in translation are the best.

10. Freelance as a photo and video editor

There is a big need for good photos and videos now. Social media and digital marketing are growing, and companies want to get people’s attention with nice visuals. There is a big need for editors who can make good-quality visuals.

Editing tools that use AI make the work faster and allow you to do more. They help with taking things out, fixing colors, and copying styles. AI tools like Canvas for photos or ClipChamps for videos help editors do things quicker and let them spend more time on the creative parts of their projects.


In the end, Artificial Intelligence tools in 2024 show there is a big change in how we can earn money and grow in our jobs. AI is not only something we think about for the future, but it is also here now, and it is changing old job roles and creating new chances in many types of work. By using AI in writing, editing content, managing social media, marketing, being a virtual helper, coding, consulting, translating, and editing media, workers can do better in their efficiency, creativity, and impact.

This progress in technology lets people concentrate on planning and being creative, which leads to better work results and more happiness in their jobs. The use of AI in jobs makes the market more flexible. Workers can give their services all over the world. They break the limits of the place and meet more people. More people can reach them, and this creates new ways to earn money.

It also makes the economy fairer because people do well no matter where they are. To use AI well, people need to think about new ideas and learn all the time. As AI gets better, it is important to keep learning and to get new skills. This will help people stay ahead in their work. The future of earning money with AI looks good. People who use AI well will do very well in a world that uses more digital things.