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AI Fixer Pricing

You get 1,000 words for free when you create a login.

Paid accounts have no length limits.

One time price - No subscription.

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Christmas Special - Double the Words!

  • 2,500 words for $5
  • 8,000 words for $10
  • 22,000 words for $25
  • 100,000 words for $100
  • 750,000 words for $500
  • AI Checker - Not Logged In

    When you first use our service, you are on a Free plan without logging in

    This works for quickly checking up to five articles per day, or 15 articles per month. We encourage you to tell your friends about our free service!

    To help protect our website from robots, you must wait 5 seconds between each check. This timer is removed if you log in.

    1,500 words per day
    3,000 words per month
    Timer delay between checks

    AI Checker - Logged In

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    3,000 words per day
    9,000 words per month
    No delay timer

    Premium - $12 per month for 40,000 words

    Subscribe monthly or yearly for 40,000 words per month.

    Monthly $12
    SALE 33% OFF: $8

    Yearly $120
    SALE 50% OFF: $60

    Enterprise - $120 per month for 400,000 words

    Subscribe your organization monthly or yearly for 600,000 words per month.

    If you use batch mode extensively, this is the plan fo you!

    Monthly $120
    SALE 33% OFF: $80

    Yearly $1200
    SALE 50% OFF!: $600

    Corporate - More than 1,000,000 words

    For more words, just order multiple quantities of Enterprise.

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