Top 10 Best AI Content Detectors in 2024

The online world grows with new content. Keeping content real is very important. People like to read things that come from real people. AI content detectors help with this. They use artificial intelligence to find out if AI writers made the text.

Table of content

  1. Easy AI Checker
  2. Copyleaks
  3. GPTZero
  4. Contentatscale
  5. GLTR
  6. Crossplag
  7. Undetectable AI
  8. Writer AI
  9. Winston AI
  10. Sapling

Do you want to know the best detectors for 2024? We have a guide for you! It shows the Top 10 Best AI Content Detectors. You can choose the right one for your content. Our guide helps you keep your work original and human.

1. Easy AI Checker

Easy AI Checker
Easy AI Checker

Easy AI Checker (EAIC) has two ways to deal with AI content. It detects and humanizes. It finds if AI made your text. This helps you know where the content comes from.

This content detector also makes the content feel more human and fixed. It is good if other detectors miss some AI content. EAIC helps your text sound natural and avoids a detection rate of up to 99.9%.

The tool holds amazing performance and the rates are nominal. With a individual basic plan you can generate hundereds of post and humanize them without paying any hefty fee. Credits are ample and different plans are available for individual, business and corporate levels.

2. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is a strong checker for finding copied work. Different groups use this tool for their writings like individual, publishers, and corporates. It performance decently and humanize content completely.

There are a number of good points. The big database and smart algorithms compare content with many sources. These sources include school papers, websites, and our own databases. It lets people use many languages so everyone in the world can use it. Also, it gives detailed reports. This helps users see problems and choose wisely.

But, Copyleaks can be hard to use. Its smart features need time to learn. This can be too much for some people. The cost is high, too. When money is tight, some may think twice.

3. GPTZero

GPTZero is a strong AI tool that allows users to talk with computers easily. It has clever algorithms to help us work better.

The tool uses smart AI to answer in a human way. It learns so it can talk like us. This is good for many kinds of work.

It is really good at dealing with hard tasks. This tool understands tough instructions and helps humans not to do as much work by hand. We can then focus on being creative and making plans while this tool does all the tough tasks.

However, there are some downsides. It can get confused with unclear questions. Sometimes, the answers are wrong. This needs a lot of data, which can be a problem for privacy. Users should be careful when they use it in private places.

7. Content at Scale

Content at Scale is a big step in making content by AI. It meets the need for lots of good content and does this in an easy as well as fast way.

The AI content humanizer is great at making different kinds of content that fit the context. It helps with writing for blogs, social media, and articles. Everything is ready for search engines. Its simple dashboard makes it easy to change settings and see updates right away.

This AI content fixer has the great benefit of being very fast. It can make lots of content much quicker than a person could. This is useful for companies that need to work quickly. The tool also makes sure the content quality stays the same, which is good for keeping a consistent brand voice.

Similar to others, it has some problems too. Sometimes, the AI makes content that does not feel like a person wrote it, and that could make it less moving. Also, using this tool too much might limit how creative people are because they might do the same thing too often.


The Gian Language Model Test Room (GLTR) helps find text made by computers. People from MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and Harvard NLP made GLTR. It is handy for checking if AI made the content.

The AI content humanizer looks at the text using a special method. It marks words in colors like green for common, orange for less common, and red for rare words. This color system makes it easy to understand the text. And GLTR is easy to use, even for long texts.

The AI text fixer is good at telling if humans or AI wrote something. Its colors make it easy for people who do not know much about technology. The tool is useful for teachers, reporters, and scientists to find out if content is made by AI. This helps keep school work honest and news reliable.

There is always an opposite side of a picture. GLTR cannot do everything. It only sees text from certain AI models. Also, it can wrongly mark creative writing by people as if it were made by AI. This mistake means people have to check the results by themselves.

6. Crossplag

Crossplag fights against plagiarism in many languages. It gives a high-level solution for schools and work. The tool checks papers with a big database to confirm they are original, no matter the language.

The AI text humanizer knows many languages and sees when two texts are similar. This is very good for the world today, where many countries work together. Users can see detailed reports on the dashboard. It shows where texts are the same or almost the same. The tool also works with many kinds of files, which helps different people.

The best thing about Crossplag is that it knows many languages well. This makes it different from other plagiarism tools. It is good for places and companies that work in many countries. It checks for copying very well and helps people make new things fairly.

However, AI humanizers have some problems, too. It can take a long time to check papers. This can be a problem for people who need fast results. If Crossplag’s database does not have all the information, it might miss some plagiarism. Users should be careful.

7. Undetectable AI

People have made AI models that you cannot tell apart from humans. This AI can write texts that look like a person wrote them.

This smart AI can write in a way that flows and makes sense. It can copy many writing styles and keep the meaning right. The tool can help get better at writing by learning from a lot of data.

The AI content humanizer helps people do more work faster. It writes very good texts quickly. This lets people who make content think about big ideas while the AI writes the usual things. It also doesn’t get caught, making the text seem real.

But Undetectable AI cannot do everything. The tool sometimes has trouble with deep feelings, leading to simple writing. It also raises ethical issues, as hidden AI texts may trick people. Users need to think about this when using this tool in their work.

8. Writer AI

Writer AI changes how people make content. It uses AI to write good, professional texts quickly.

The detector has lots of tools, like changeable templates and editing as you write. It uses smart learning to make relevant and interesting texts. It works for different types of writing, like blogs, articles, and posts on social media.

It can make a lot of text fast. This is very helpful for businesses that need to do things quickly. It also keeps the quality the same, which helps keep a business’s voice the same.

Where there are good points, there are some problems too. This tool might make texts that do not show human feelings well, and this can affect how readers feel. Also, using AI too much for writing can stop creativity. Users need to mix machines and human ideas to get the best work.

9. Winston AI

Winston AI gives a full set of tools to help with online chatting. It uses the newest tech to analyze text and give useful advice for many uses.

The AI checker uses advanced language processing to look at and understand text really well. It is great at understanding feelings, finding important words, and getting the context right. Winston AI also works with many languages, which is good for people all over the world.

Companies like Winston AI’s analytics because it helps them know what their customers think. This helps them make better choices. Its support for many languages means companies can talk to many different people easily. Winston AI makes work faster by doing simple text analysis tasks. This lets people do more important work.

Even with its good points, Winston AI has problems. Some users find errors in how they understand feelings, which confuses the data. For people who are new to it, Winston AI can be hard to learn. Also, it might cost too much for small businesses.

10. Sapling

Sapling is an AI helper that makes writing better and more correct. It gives help with grammar and style as you write. This is very helpful for people who make content and for those in business.

This AI content checker can fix grammar well, finish your sentences for you and give ideas to make your writing better. It works easily with many programs, like emails and customer systems. You can change Sapling to match how you like to write.

The tool cuts down the time you need to check your writing. It makes your documents better right away. It also makes sure your work is clear and looks good. Because it works with other software, it is a great choice for businesses that want to work better.

Similarly, Sapling is not perfect. The advice it gives might not let people write how they want. If you do not have good internet, it might not work well. Plus, you have to pay for the best part of Sapling, which might be too much for some.


AI tools for checking content are becoming more and more important as technology changes. We looked at top tools that keep writing true and real. These tools, like Easy AI Checker and Copyleaks, are very helpful. However, they also have downsides that we need to think about carefully.

Accuracy is very important when finding AI-made content. Users want tools that work well and do not make mistakes. The hard part is to have these things, but they are still easy to use and cheap. Tools like Easy AI Checker have good points but may not be perfect. It is important to think about these things before you choose a solution.

Easy AI Checker is a top choice among many options. It is good in many ways – it is right, not expensive and easy for users. This tool is very good at finding AI-made content. It has an easy interface so all users can use it, even people who do not know much about technology.