How To Use ChatGPT To Write An Essay: Step-by-Step Guide

ChatGPT comes from OpenAI and can write text like a human can. It can create articles, poems, scripts, and write code too. But we must not forget that ChatGPT is only a tool and not the same as human thinking.

The OpenAI has skills that cannot be denied, but they have limits. It does not truly understand like people do and cannot think critically. The things it makes are great, but people should check the facts and make edits to make them true.

We must use AI like ChatGPT responsibly because of moral questions. ChatGPT can help a lot with being creative and learning. But copying others’ work without saying is a big problem.

Users need to be clear they have used AI to create content and must say where the information came from. Also, we need to fix bias in the data it learns from so it does not spread wrong ideas or stereotypes.

Using ChatGPT for essay writing

To start with ChatGPT, make an account and pick a platform. First, register on OpenAI’s website or enter if you have an account.

Pick the OpenAI API or a tool like ChatGPT playground based on your needs. Each option has benefits. The OpenAI API gives more advanced options, and the online tools are easy and quick.

Making the thesis statement

A good thesis statement is important for your essay. Put your main ideas into ChatGPT. You might type in words like “impact,” “solutions,” and “global responsibility” if you write about climate change.

ChatGPT will give you different thesis statement choices. Make these better to fit what you need. Make sure the thesis statement matches your essay’s argument and is simple and clear.

Writing the introduction

Begin your essay with important background details. It helps your readers understand the topic. Ask ChatGPT broad questions to create a complete background section.

Then, ask ChatGPT for a captivating first sentence. ChatGPT can suggest interesting ideas. You should make sure the opening shows your unique style.

Writing body paragraphs

Your essay’s main parts are the body paragraphs. Tell ChatGPT your main ideas for these parts. This keeps your essay clear and well-connected. Give ChatGPT details to talk about your important points. This makes ChatGPT’s help more fitting and full.

Ensure that your writing has a good flow. Your task is to connect every part with your essay’s big idea.

Creating a strong conclusion

ChatGPT can sum up your essay’s key points. But a powerful ending needs your personal input. Your last paragraph is a chance to make a strong impact on your reader.

Repeat your main argument and show why it matters. Or, you could ask a big question or suggest an action. This makes your reader think more about your topic. A good ending should be deep and stay with the reader.

Editing and refining the generated essay

After ChatGPT writes your essay, you need to make it clear and logical. Check that your ideas are presented well. Read the essay slowly. Make sure it all connects well. Look at each sentence in a paragraph and see if it makes sense after the one before. You will find places that are not clear or not smooth. Then, fix these spots.

Get rid of extra words and use the same style in the whole essay. Good editing makes your essay much better. It makes your argument stronger and clearer.

You must check your essay for spelling mistakes and other small errors. These errors can make people not trust what you write. They can stop people from understanding your ideas. Use a tool like Grammarly to help you. But you should also read your essay yourself because some mistakes the programs do not find.

Watch out for commas and full stops in the wrong places. They can change what you mean by accident. Be careful when making sure the subject and verb agree.

Improving the essay with personal input

Add your own stories and thoughts to make your essay better. When you talk about your own life, it makes your essay special. It helps people feel like they are part of the story.

For instance, if you are writing about the environment, talk about what you see where you live. It helps people understand big ideas by showing them real examples.

In order to enhance your writing one step further, use the tool Easy AI Checker. This will detect AI-generated text automatically and fix that by humanizing it, making the job easier for you.

Bring your own view into your essay to make it stand out. Do not just repeat information that is easy to find. Use ChatGPT to think of new ideas. Then, add your own thoughts. Your own stories and ideas will make your writing interesting. People will like your writing more if it is different.

Finalizing the Essay

When you are done writing your essay, how it looks is very important. Follow the rules your teacher or the place you are writing for has given you. Use the right style, like MLA or APA. Your essay should look good. Check the font, the spaces, and how your paragraphs are set up.

You must always say where your information comes from. This shows that your essay is trustworthy. Use the right way to write your sources. Make sure your list of sources is right and complete. Mistakes in your sources can make people not believe your essay.

Check your essay not just for small mistakes but also to improve your points and flow. Read it out loud to find parts that sound odd.

Change the words that you use too much to keep the reader interested. Your first and last parts are very important to get the reader’s attention and to finish well. Use grammar tools and your own judgment to find errors.


Using ChatGPT to write essays has many good points. It helps you come up with ideas and gives you a structure. ChatGPT can give new views on your topic, which can make you more creative.

It also writes paragraphs fast, which saves you time. ChatGPT works with many different subjects. This helps students and people at work. With Easy AI Checker, writers can make their essays better and more interesting.

But remember, your own ideas are still important. They add details and feelings that a machine cannot. Make sure your essay sounds like you. Keep its meaning true to your thoughts. Also, be careful when using AI.

Use ChatGPT in the right way, and make sure your work is your own. Say when you have used ChatGPT to be clear and honest. Understanding the limits of AI and valuing human input will help make essay writing fair and moral.