Why the Reviews for New AI Devices Are Negative: Is Your Phone the Best AI Chat Device?

Artificial Intelligence has been the phenomenon of the decade. Since ChatGPT was introduced, the term has gotten more gravity and intervened more in our daily lives. The focus on technology has seen a major shift toward AI. It has become a must-feature in almost all new coming devices. Whether it’s your smart speaker, music, film industry, or even home automation, AI is there to stand out.

As the technology evolves, the new AI devices gathered a handful of bad reviews for some of its features and functionality. Since AI is meant to make our lives easier, it may frustrate some of its frequent users who are carrying out daily tasks. Thanks to rapid transformation, these issues are successfully put down and improved every day. Surprisingly, your phone, which you already have, might be the best AI chat device when it comes to features, mobility, and functionality.

Let’s find out the most common reasons for complaints that you hear every now and then and the issues users are faced with.

Limited Capabilities

Many AI devices get bad reviews because they are limited. They cannot do hard tasks or understand special details. This is annoying.

A smart assistant might turn on lights or play songs. But it can be bad at harder tasks. It might not tell you the weather right. It might give a simple answer. Manufacturers need to make better AI systems to understand complex requests.

Overreliance on Pre-programmed Responses

AI devices have a problem because they use the same answers a lot. These answers sound like robots and do not feel natural. If you ask a smart home device for restaurant suggestions, it might not think about what you like to eat. This makes the device seem not very useful and cold. Manufacturers should make AI that learns from what users say to give better answers.

User Feedback

AI devices need to use customer reviews to get better. These reviews tell companies what works well and what does not. Reviews are important, like a compass for a ship.

Inferior Voice Recognition

Many AI devices do not understand what people say well. This makes users angry when the device gets commands wrong. Developers can fix this by using more example voices to teach the AI. They can also teach the AI about different ways people speak. We can make voice recognition better if we use more than one kind of microphone. This includes microphones that pick up sound from one direction and ones that keep out background noise.

Advance Machine Learning

Machine learning is very important for AI technology and can help make new AI gadgets better. People who make AI stuff should use machine learning to help AI gadgets work better and understand people more. Algorithms that are smart can guess what people are going to do, learn what they like, and change to help them.

For example, a smart thermostat can learn how hot or cold someone likes their house and change the temperature by itself. Also, a personal assistant that uses AI can learn when someone has things to do, guess what they need, and give advice based on what they usually like and do.

AI Algorithms Need Good Training

AI gadgets work well only when their algorithms have learned a lot. People who make them need to teach these algorithms with the right information and check how they do in many different situations. These algorithms need to get better from their errors and get more accurate as time goes on.

An AI chatbot should understand many things people say, keep talking in a normal way, and give the right answers. By making and checking AI algorithms to make them work better, people who make these things can give us AI gadgets that know what we need, work well, and do their job right.

Mobile Phones: The Best AI Chat Devices

Mobile phones are very important today. They are not just for texts and calls anymore. The AI in phones helps us do many things in life. Compared to other AI gadgets, mobile phones are the best because they have better hardware, you can use them anywhere, you can carry them around, and they work well.


Mobile phones are the best when we talk about hardware. They have a lot of power to create, save, and share information. New phones have software that does smart tasks. These tasks include recognizing objects, processing languages, and understanding speech. Phone’s smart features make them better than smart home devices. Smart home devices only do simple things like turn lights on or off.


Mobile phones are better than other AI devices because you can use them anywhere. You can use an AI device with your phone if you have a signal. This is good for people who need to send emails, look at their accounts, or talk to an AI chat while moving. If you have a smart home device, it does not work if you are not at home.


Mobile phones are great because they move with us. We have them all the time and can bring them anywhere. This is different from smart home devices. Smart home devices stay in one place. For example, you can bring your phone and connect it to a speaker to play music everywhere. Smart home devices can not do this.


Mobile phones are good because their batteries last long, they get updated, and their software works well. New phones have batteries that work for a long time without stopping. Phones also get new software often, which makes them work better and more stable. Smart home devices do not do as many things, and their batteries do not last as long. They also get software updates more slowly. The Future of AI Devices: They Still Need Improvement

The Future of AI Devices: A Long Way to Go

AI devices have become very popular. But many bad reviews show they have a lot to improve. They cannot yet think like people or talk naturally. AI devices still need a lot of work because they have limits.

We must be careful when we use AI chat devices. These tools are supposed to help us. But they are not perfect. They cannot do everything. Their answers can be the same a lot, and this can make us unhappy. So, it is important to check them well. You need to see if they are good for what you want.

Lots of people are now using AI chat on their phones. Your phone has AI that can do tasks fast. These things on phones are better than those on many new AI devices. Phones understand things better. They can do more things right. However, AI assistants like Siri or Alexa have special jobs. They can remind you of things, order food, or play songs. They cannot do everything, but we should still see what they can do.

Evaluating New AI Devices

The market for AI is growing. It offers devices that do simple jobs. But these new devices often get bad reviews. They have limits and rely too much on set answers. They also cannot talk well yet. As they grow, we must look at them closely. We need to make sure they do what we want and like. AI devices sometimes do not get the small details and background of how we talk to each other.

This makes it hard to have good talks with them. Making an AI device that knows and acts right when talking to humans is a big problem in AI now. Still, people should be careful about how they use AI devices in everyday conversations. Like, when you talk about a new film, your AI helper’s ready answers might not get what you feel about the film. So, people should know when it is best to talk with AI devices.