Will AI-Generated Content Hurt My Google SERP Rank?

Worried that using AI-generated content on your website could affect your Google SERP rank? You have seen the headlines and dozens of glowing recommendations.  Even paid services that want to sell you fully automatic content generation.  You are not alone if you are cautious about this promise. Small business owners are receiving mixed messages about whether AI detection will help or hurt their website position and, therefore, their sales and profits.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the potential impact of AI-generated content on Google SERP rankings and how you might use AI to your advantage.

What is AI Generated Content?

AI Generated Content is content that is generated automatically by artificial intelligence (AI). For example, people commonly use ChatGPT, Google Bard and other tools to create blog posts and articles.

AI-generated content can be used to quickly write text that may optimize a ranking keyword for your website. This will enhance your website rank in Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) or Bing. By providing relevant and up-to-date content, AI-generated content can help increase your website’s visibility and rankings in search engines. AI-generated content may boost your ability to react quickly to market conditions by adding long-tail keywords to your product listings.

How can it affect my Google SERP rank?

When optimizing your website for the best Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rank, AI-generated content can be a major factor. Algorithms automatically create this content and can be used to fill in missing content on a website or to optimize keywords and phrases for better search engine ranking.

AI-generated content can directly affect your website’s Google SERP rank by helping to target better the keywords and phrases used in searches. As a result, AI-generated content can improve your search engine rankings by accurately targeting these words and phrases. Additionally, having more content on a page helps the page rank higher in search engines like Google and Bing.

Types of AI Content that Will Help My Rank

AI-generated content can help you improve your Google SERP rank when used correctly. AI-generated content can confirm your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness in the eyes of Google. When creating AI-generated content, focus on topics that demonstrate your knowledge and provide valuable information to readers. This will help you to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, AI-generated content should be optimized for keywords and phrases related to your niche. This optimization will help your website appear in higher positions on the SERP. Finally, you should ensure that the content created by AI is accurate and provides users with a helpful experience. All of these factors will help you to boost your rankings on Google SERPs. Quality content demonstrating your expertise and confirming your Authority, Expertise and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) will help you rank higher on Google.

For most people, writing content is a challenge. Using AI-generated content as a part of the writing process is far too tempting. This can be a seductive trap into low-quality writing that a human reader will detect. Instead, you need to provide the best content possible to help your SERP. That means using your little gray cells more than you use someone else’s machine.

Types of AI Content that Will Hurt My Rank

AI content that provides false or inaccurate information will lead readers to bounce away from your page, which will lead to a decline in your ranking. People hate SPAM. So when content is wordy or not authoritative, they will instinctively draw away. 

Bing’s algorithms are programmed to identify and penalize incorrect information, so make sure you double-check any information you generate before you post it.

AI-generated content can lack the emotion and storytelling that is essential for sales copy and other types of content. AI cannot understand or produce irony, humor, or sarcasm, so avoid using it for anything that needs to appeal to the emotions of your customers. Ultimately, the human touch is still required in many situations, and AI won’t be able to provide it.

How Can I Test for Ai-Generated Content?

If you want to rank, you need to test for AI-generated content. There are a number of new web pages that can test for patterns that may indicate AI-generated content. Cutting and pasting into these tools will give you a quick analysis. 

The more highly predictable the content’s next word in relation to the previous words in the content, the more likely the detector will determine the word to be written by AI. This detection process uses algorithms to determine a pattern within the text, then renders a final verdict on the entire content. This verdict is not always definitive, so using multiple AI detection tools and testing methods is essential to ensure your content is not negatively affected by Google’s Rank algorithm.

Most people know that AI-generated text is wordy and low-quality. People scan for meaning and find the text lacks interest or accountability. This is not good. The rhythm and focus of AI text make patterns that are easily detected. Testing tools can give you a fast way to know how humans will react to your writing when they read it.


AI-generated content has the potential to affect your Google SERP rank significantly. It would be best if you were cautious or avoided it entirely. However, if you feel the pull of quick content is appropriate, use all your skills to ensure the content is engaging and worthwhile for humans to read. Google rewards good content, engagement, and authority. Stick to these values, and your rank will increase.